Bage.Bake.Baka - Valentine Heart Crackers!




It’s Valentine’s Day!

I don’t know about you,

but I think it’s a little too soon after Christmas

to be scoffing on a box of chocolates,

so I have made these gorgeous little crackers


Angela Stafford*.

Aren’t they cute?!

Bage.Bake.Baka - Valentine Heart Crackers!

The original recipe 

uses wholewheat (or spelt) flour,

but as a gluten intol-blah blah I have adapted it a little.

Of course, nothing is ever smooth running

when I don my Swedish Chef’s hat.


  Bage.Bake.Baka - Valentine Heart Crackers!

Do not 

replace ‘normal’ flour with Coconut flour.

At least not in the quantities suggested.

Coconut flour  is super absorbent

No amount of squeshing and kneeding, extra oil or the egg (my idea),

could get my beetroot fluff to meld into a ball long enough to roll.

It was dry as a desert.

  Bage.Bake.Baka - Valentine Heart Crackers!

The second batch went much better.

Using Macro’s Gluten Free flour (maize/rice/tapioca),

I managed to produce my very own purple swamp mixture.

Great to look at, but very messy

and impossible (yet again) to roll out.

My solution,

keep adding flour until the mixture becomes less swampy.

Don’t be shy, just keep throwing it in.

Also, make them a little thicker than 2mm

or risk losing your teeth.

They do look pretty though.




Bage.Bake.Baka - Valentine Heart Crackers!





Joking aside,

they are actually really tasty.

They work really well

with home-made Hummus or Mango Chutney.

 Hope you have a fabulous

Valentine’s day!

Lace-edge-heart (Medium)

Disclaimer thing

*I had hoped to provide you with a link to the recipe either on Angela Stafford’s site, or Nourish Magazine (which is where I got my copy), but neither have it listed.  Which now makes me wonder if I actually got it from Nourish, or it originated with Angela. Either way, they are getting the credit any. Thanks for a great recipe!