Knitting: Eco Duo Cabled Scarf


The Eco Duo Cable Scarf

is the one I started last May (2013) in Morris & Sons

‘Learn to Knit Cables Class’.

It’s a lovely scarf,

I am not sure why I didn’t finish it sooner.

Designed by Shannon Dunbandin

this scarf is really easy to whip up,

even for the likes of me.

Knitting: Eco Duo Cabled Scarf


Yes, there is a teeny section

that didn’t quite turn out right; I blame the actress Katey Sagal

When she whacked Cherry in the face with a skateboard in

‘Sons of Anarchy‘,

I became her biggest fan.

Enter Katey, exit knitting concentration.

I am actually surprised I didn’t make

more mistakes.

Knitting: Eco Duo Cabled Scarf



somewhere along the way

I got distracted (again & by something else)

and put this scarf to one side.

But, I sucked it up the other week and finished it.

I am really pleased I did. It’s fantastic!

It’s thick, the cables are well defined, and

it’s now a cowl.

Knitting: Eco Duo Cabled Scarf



Because, it looks quite dated as a scarf.

I am no style icon, but I have no interest

in looking like Miss Marple…

unless it’s Julia McKenzie, and in another 30 years time.

Now that this scarf  is out of the way 

I can finally move onto all of the other projects

I didn’t quite finish last year.


Knitting: Eco Duo Cabled Scarf


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  1. Love both the colour and the pattern. Cowls are so versatile. You can loop them around your head and then around your neck. Just don’t pull too tight! Arghhhh! Happy sighing/crafting! 🙂

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