Bage.Bake.Baka - Jamie's Flapjacks

Jamie Oliver

has teamed up with Woolworths (supermarket)!

This probably isn’t news to you, but until the other day

I was completely unaware of this partnership.


Bage.Bake.Baka - Jamie's Flapjacks

Yes, I thought it odd that Woolworths

was selling hard copies of Jamie’s latest book

Save with Jamie

(I bought one).

Yes, I have repeatedly stoppped to check out

his pasta sauces.

and yes, I tried out his flapjacks recipe featured in

Woolworth’s own magazine ‘Fresh’.

But, at no stage did I make the connection

 until  it was made for me.

Yes, I am well smart me.


Bage.Bake.Baka - Jamie's Flapjacks


Before we move,

let’s get one thing straight; 

Flapjacks are not pancakes

…in the UK.

They are lovely sweet oat-y bricks of goodness.

They are incredibly easy to make (unless in the wrong hands),

and go really well with a cup of tea.

I’ll have an Earl Grey, please.




Speaking of home,

occasionally the weather in Australia goes a bit UK.

You know, 11 shades of grey with drizzle.

As much as I hate drizzle, it’s perfect weather for baking.



Jamie’s Fruity Flapjacks


(click above for full recipe)

This recipe is delicious. 

No seriously, Jamie’s flapjacks are bonkers good!

Dried plum, cranberry and DARK brown sugar,

work so well together.


They lasted two days.


  Bage.Bake.Baka - Jamie's Flapjacks


Oi Jamie!

Please can we have more baking recipes.

Nuff said.



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  1. Flapjacks are pancakes down under, huh?! Never knew that.
    Flapjacks are one of my favourite childhood memories and quite possibly the first thing I ever baked … Now that you’ve reminded me of them I may just have to make some (well, when I’ve recovered from the dental work I had done this week – might not be a good idea just right now!)

  2. I love flapjack but can’t make it for love nor money!! Will have to try Jamie’s. My son has all of Jamie’s books and is a brilliant cook! Puts his Mum to shame. 🙂

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