Knitting - The Snake Scarf

The Snake Scarf


I know what you are thinking,

“That Heidi bird is WELL GOOD at knitting int’ she? 


Last week she was flapping some jacks, this week BOOM! she’s rolling out a scarf “


or something to that effect.

Note to self:

don’t watch UK cop dramas before

blog writing.


Knitting - The Snake Scarf


Of course,

reality is very different.

This scarf has taken me nearly 9 months to knit.




Because it is actually my practice piece.


What the?!


I was told the best way to get into knitting is to do a little everyday.

And, that’s what I have been doing,

apart from the last 6 months


(I totally forgot about it).

Knitting - The Snake Scarf

But, thanks to our recent move,

I found my practice piece and realised that if I

spent a little more time on it, I could get

a fairly decent scarf out of it.


So that’s what I did.


And, this is what it looks like.

Sweet eh?

* Do people still still say Sweet! or is that just



Knitting - The Snake Scarf


 So what’s

involved in the Snake Scarf?


Relatively little truth be told.

It’s just bunch of stocking stitch (different colours) interspersed

with some garter stitch on 4mm needles.


Because it was a practice piece

I totally forgot (on purpose) to do proper edges.

This meant that my lovely long scarf rolled in on itself.



To get over that little hump, I

I up lengthways.

Problem solved.


For fun I added pom poms.

Everyone likes Pom Poms!


 Knitting - The Snake Scarf



I used a little bit of Morris Arabesque (8 ply),

Lincrafts Double Knit (8ply) in beige and carrot,


Grignasco Merinogold

in plum, and some cream stuff I bought ages ago

at the Craft & Stitch show in Sydney.


Now that the Snake scarf is out of the way,

I can finally finish the cable scarf I started 6 months ago.

Yes, I know I am a slacker!


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