Påske. Easter. Pâques - DAS Orange


Påske. Easter. Pâques

DAS Orange


My mum loves decorating for the holidays (and birthdays),

and no wonder – she’s really good at.

Growing up our home

was always full of bright beautiful eggs

and feathers for Easter.

My brother & I were very lucky

(and spoilt).


  Påske. Easter. Pâques - DAS Orange


 In our house there would be,

There would be the ornamental egg bowls

full of mini chocolate eggs,

traditional paper ones (again)

full of mini chocolate eggs,

large store bought chocolate eggs, and of course

the colourful wooden ones attached to feathers hanging

off newly budding branches.

Easter in out house was truly a feast for the eye

and my growing sweet tooth.


  Påske. Easter. Pâques - DAS Orange


In addition to all of the eggs,

we would have hyacinth bulbs growing on the window sill,

freshly baked bread & cakes, and we go looking for Bluebells. 

 Easter was magical.

It was also spring.

It’s not spring in Australia.


Although I have a few hyacinth growing indoors and some

mini chocolate eggs stashed away, the bright colourful Easter

I love hasn’t quite made it to my home…yet.


Instead, I have been taking my cues from nature.




  Påske. Easter. Pâques - DAS Orange



Autumn has been

tip-toeing into the Snowy Mountains

this past few weeks and as stunningly beautiful as it is,

it doesn’t scream Easter at you.

In fact, it’s been gently advising me to slow down,

dig out my cardigans and make rhubarb crumble.

Mmmm…I love Autumn.

However, something in me keeps insisting that I

honour family tradition, and hang eggs.

So why not?


  Påske. Easter. Pâques - DAS Orange


To bridge the two oppposite seasons

I have made little DAS Orange hanging eggs.

They are surprisingly Quick & Easy to make;

all you need is some DAS Clay in white,

earring stems with closed loops, some multipurpose paint

(I used Martha’s Multi Purpose piant in Geranium)

and a stencil brush.

 You don’t need a lot.


  Påske. Easter. Pâques - DAS Orange


To make:

a) Roll your eggs and insert earring stems (cut to size),

and place on baking paper to dry over night.

As DAS Clay takes about 24 hours to dry properly,

it’s better to roll your eggs in the evening to let them dry over night.

In the morning turn your eggs

and pop them out into the sun for 15 mins to completely dry.

b) Once your eggs are dry,

dab paint onto them using your stencil brush and place

back onto the baking paper to dry.


N.B.  the paint soaks into the clay quickly,

so you will be able to do a whole egg in seconds.


c) add string & hang.



It’s that easy.


Påske. Easter. Pâques - DAS Orange


In keeping with the season here,

I used dried Alpine Daisy stems to hang my eggs off.

I kinda like it.