Speckling Clay Eggs

Speckling Clay Eggs

According to my calendar (i.e. my local supermarket)

it’s nearly Easter again.


(sorry I have no idea where that came from)


Brightly coloured eggs lining supermarket aisles,

children making Easter bonnets and other amazing ‘Spring’ traditions, 

what is not to like about Easter?


Speckling Clay Eggs


I personally love it!

However, in recent years I have noticed

a growing conflict within.

Easter is full of the joys of Spring,

but ‘down under’ we have just seasoned into Autumn.

And, there’s the rub.


Celebrating with bright colours

and fluffy chicks is all good and well, unless you have begun

your annual transition into Heidi

 ‘The Hermit’.


Speckling Clay Eggs


Let me explain quickly…I feel seasons


In early Spring,

I bounce around like a lamb on hot coals

(very annoying, apparently),

and in Autumn, I seek out quieter activities that involve as few

people as possible (also very annoying, apparently). 

Having Easter in Autumn stirs all

kinds of crazy within.


  Speckling Clay Eggs


Let me explain further…

It’s very hard for me to make brightly

coloured Easter projects, when all I want to do is bake,

make Mock Schnapps,

and dress like Christopher Lambert in Highlander.

And you thought I was conflicted about

Chrummer Time.


 Speckling Clay Eggs


Anyhoo, back to my Speckled Clay Eggs;

Made from DAS clay, and speckled with

Martha Stewart’s Multi Surface paint

in Carrot and Beetle black 

(using a travel tooth brush & paint brush),  

they are a fairly good indication of which side of the crazy I am on…

for today at least.



2 Comments on Speckling Clay Eggs

  1. Autumn eggs – that’s different. I’ve never thought of Easter on the other side of the world. Although if you’re more reflective that would work with Lent. I’m pleased you are enjoying being in the country. Are the leaves changing yet? They are just beginning to burst open here. Sticky buds! Enjoy making your eggs!

  2. Things around here have definitely changed in the past week due to all of the rain. Instead of golden crispy meadows, we now have lush green ones with lots of flowering Wild Clary and some yet to be identified yellow flowers.
    I can’t wait to see what happens next month!

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