You’re back!

Sort of.


What do you mean sort of?

Either you are back or you’re not.

What I mean is that I am back – sort of.



where have you been? You know it’s May don’t you?

Yes, I know we are nearly mid way through the year AND

that I have been very quiet on Sewing Daisies.

But, I have been busy with my smartphone app

Jindy Guide.



  Smartphone App - Jindy Guide



Smartphone app?!


I decided about a week after we moved to Jindabyne

that I would like to make a smartphone app listing all

of the local businesses, and

events in Jindabyne.



  Smartphone App - Jindy Guide




I see. Why?

Well, despite Jindabyne being a beautiful little town

in the Snowy Mountains that is surrounded by

glorious country side (kangaroos, wombats and Wild Brumby etc) plus lake;

That there is a million and one outdoorsy things to do

(sailing, fishing, biking, horse riding, skiing and much more);

It is chock full of amazing artists;

And that it’s the gate way to two of Australia’s largest ski resorts;

There are a surprising amount of people

who haven’t explored Jindabyne





 Smartphone App - Jindy Guide



Perhaps they will now.


Building the app has also helped me get out & about.

I now know all the cool spots to hang out for afternoon coffee,

and you know how I enjoy a good coffee!

And cake.

 That too.



Smartphone App - Jindy Guide




Is the Jindy Guide available now?

It is, and IT’S FREE.

Just head to the App store

to download to your Android, iPhone, Blackberry

or Windows phone.



If a business isn’t listed in Jindy Guide, do they

contact you directly?

No need.

Jindy Guide has a listings form built into it.

Simply add your details and I will make sure you listing

or event gets added.



  Smartphone App - Jindy Guide




You mentioned something about events?

I did.

I added events to help advertise

regular and one off events in Jindabyne.

That way no one including locals will ever miss

e.g. French Conversation (Wednesday evenings),

or one of the many brilliant festivals

that are hosted down by

Lake Jindabyne.



Smartphone App - Jindy Guide



Sounds like Jindabyne has it all.


We are just waiting for the snow to arrive.

So now that this is up and running, can we expect

more Sewing Daisies projects?

Hmm yes… let’s talk about that another day.



Smartphone App - Jindy Guide

To download Jindy Guide

simply go to the App store

or click (below) for more information


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  1. This is tempting, but if I get it DH will think I am prepared to move!! I will rely on your assistance when I visit 🙂

  2. This is tempting, but if I get it DH will think I am prepared to move!! I will rely on your assistance when I visit.

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