Draw.Stamp.Print Fungi Trees




For the past 125 days I have been making little daily projects

for my instagram feature #365CREATE


What started as a nod to Noah Scalin’s project

365 A Daily Creativity Journal

has turned into Draw.Stamp.Print.



Draw.Stamp.Print Fungi Trees



What is Draw.Stamp.Print?

Well, it’s a way for me to give over

some time every day to develop the skills

I need to produce printwork.

I have always wanted to be proficient at printing.



Draw.Stamp.Print Fungi Trees



If you look through my blog you

will see my previous forays into printing; 

There’s some screen, lino and even potato printing.

With the exception of the my 1 Potato, 2 Potato

table runner print  made earlier this year (which I love),

 my efforts haven’t been great,

and a bit short lived.



Draw.Stamp.Print Fungi Trees



 Project #365CREATE has for

whatever reason, set my thinking and my efforts straight.

ALL it takes is practise – daily practise.

So every day I sketch a little to improve my woeful drawing skills;

I am currently working from Eloise Renoufs brilliant book

20 Ways to Draw A Tree.



Draw.Stamp.Print. Fungi Trees



When I am ‘over’ drawing, I try my hand at

making stamps (the rubber kind) and some printing.

I am really enjoying Draw.Stamp.Print.

Finger’s crossed nothing new

and exciting comes my way to distract me.