Knitting: Cleckheaton Aurora Scarf


The other month (end of May I think), I decided to knit the Cleckheaton Aurora Scarf. I thought it would be a good challenge with those massive 15 mm needles. It was. It also proved to be a big pain to photograph.

My photos really don’t do it justice.

The colours of the Aurora Tempel col 858/lot 7839 (wool & acrylic) are truly amazing. But, for some reason I can’t quite capture on film, so to speak. Talk about frustrating, I spent two days trying to capture it’s splendour!

Never mind, it seemed to part of the Aurora process.


 Knitting: Cleckheaton Aurora Scarf


15mm needles..honestly!

I have never felt more awkward knitting. I knew I would suffer a little, but nothing prepared me for knitting up to 83 stitches on these bad boys.

Awkward, awkward, awkward.

My tension was so tight I couldn’t finish using the suggested 6x balls of Aurora Tempel.

There simply wasn’t enough room on my needles!


Knitting: Cleckheaton Aurora Scarf


No matter though, my scarf is still sizable AND thick, perfect for all of the snow we have just had. Again, my photos (sigh) really don’t do this scarf justice. It is beautiful.

Now I have to deal with the 20mm needles & pattern I bought at the same time as the Aurora.


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  1. Thank Kathryn, the yarn itself and the colour is glorious.
    But, I feel my tension is a little too tight for a yarn like this. it doesn’t drape as loosely as I would have liked, on the flip side though because of the tighter tension, it’s super warm.

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