Draw.Stamp.Print  - Bees' Ruby


This has got to have been the longest blog hiatus I have ever taken (two months), but I haven’t been idle, or skiing all the time. In fact, I have been very busy with my #365CREATE project.

Today is Day: 237  That’s right, I have made 236 daily projects!

What started out as an attempt to make quick little daily projects to help spark creativity has now blossomed into (on some days) full day Draw.Stamp.Print adventures.

Take yesterday’s #365CREATE  Armeria Bees’ Ruby project. That one took all day because I wanted to create a 2 colour block print (I had to carve two separate blocks), and I had to draw my design in the morning because…well, I decided to wing it.


It actually turned out okay.

This daily pressure is surprisingly good for the soul, and your creativity.

Since starting #365CREATE

1. I have discovered that I can draw (kind of)

2. I can carve rubber stamps

3. Printing is versatile

4. I am creative (after all)

5. It’s great for boosting your confidence (I may finally be confident enough to sell some of my work – next year).


If you are lacking confidence, feeling blocked or bored – give 365 daily projects a go.  Its’ worth it.

To keep up with my progress, you can check in here or follow me on Instagram @sewingdaisies.

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  1. Well done Heidi! You have come along way and I am sure your designs will sell. 🙂 Will you stick to paper or branch out into fabric? I never seem to finish my dreams. Thanks for sharing your journey and making me think. 🙂

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