Jindabyne Rodeo 2014



I hope your Christmas was as wonderful as mine; I did absolutely nothing and it was bliss.

Okay, that’s not strictly true. I still had to do my #365CREATE project (I now only have 34 days to go), and there was some reading, but other than that…no wait! There was also some canoeing (it’s summer down under) AND I watched National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. 

The icing on the cake though was Jindabyne  Man from the Snowy River Rodeo’ hitting town on the 28th December (2014).  Jindabyne Rodeo Hat

It brought with it loads of ‘Cowboy’ hats, boots & shirts. Rodeo competitors are surprisingly smart given the dust bowl they ride around in. There’s not a single t’shirt or thongs (flip flops to the rest of us) in sight amongst them. It’s actually quite a stylish event.

I do love a nice cowboy…hat. 

And, are so many different styles. I have no idea what my favourite is called, but I have named it the ‘Aussie Country Cowboy’ hat. It’s a much more relaxed hat than the traditional cowboy hat worn in Old Western’s and by J.R. Ewing, and is generally worn with a more casual shirt and baggier jean.

Whatever it’s called, I want one! Jindabyne Rodeo Hats