Welcome to my new feature #PATTERNPLAY!

Every now and again, I plan on sharing some of my ‘The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design’ discoveries, and homework.

You read correctly, homework.

The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design is an online course by Make it in Design (surface pattern designer Rachel Taylor & entrepreneur Beth Kempton) aimed at equipping would be designers with all the tools they need to succeed.

I am now into Module two and I am learning all kinds of amazing things. Like how to convert my hand carved stamp prints and doodles into vectors so I can make patterns like the one above.

It isn’t all plain sailing though, I am playing catch up on every level.

Prior to starting this course I had never used Illustrator, let alone heard of Image Trace. My drawings are still very hit & miss, and I don’t have a ‘signature style’ (yet). But, I am having fun, in a tense overwhelming kind of way.

So expect to see more random posts like this, and perhaps ones about my latest favourite pattern or designer.

Heidi Isaksen-Loxton - Logo

p.s The Pine Hogs wallpaper I designed, is from one of my #365CREATE projects.

Also. If you love my mock up header image, go check out Mockup Scene Creator – it’s awesome.