Now that project #365CREATE is over I can get stuck into Module 2 of my online course Make It In Design.

We are in week 3 and I have already got a pile of creative exercises (homework) to get through. Yes, I am behind. No, there are not enough hours in the day. Yes I get the same number of hours as everyone else, but I am still behind. Partly because I have a tonne of other things to get on with (Jindy Guide etc), but mainly because I have no previous design experience.

Every day I am given a new creative exercise that totally blows my mind.

If I am not scrambling to teach myself more another new tech process (I spent December getting in deep with Adobe Illustrator), I am wracking my brain trying to come up with ‘innovative’ patterns, or I am being side swiped by design theory.

Let’s be honest here, until this course my usual response to a nice pattern has always been ‘Ooo that’s lovely, where can I pop that in my house?’ Now I am mentally deconstructing patterns so I can understand the designer’s work process and inspiration.

I love it! It’s fun.

The Deep - Process


One of the exercises I took a peek at this week is very cool.

The brief is to design a swimwear collection using only geometric patterns. No colour restrictions (thanks to digital printing), and no hand drawn motifs.

‘Marvelous!’ I thought…until I realised that I have just spent the past 12 months trying to hand draw nature things.

‘The Deep’ is what happens when you have no clue about geometric shapes, patterns or theory, and have only just worked out how to access the Shapes Panel*.

I don’t have a swimwear collection, but I made my fellow MIID students laugh. Apparently, my gemstones look like origami fish.

Fair enough.

Heidi Isaksen-Loxton - Logo

*I didn’t say my introduction to Illustrator in December went well.

p.s If you love my mock up header image, go check out Mockup Scene Creator – it’s awesome.