#PATTERNPLAY - The shape of things...

Annoyed with my lack of Illustrator ‘Geometric’ shape building skills, I went on the hunt for some help. And, I found it.

Thanks to Veerle over at Veerle’s Blog I can now create a few simple geometric patterns.

All of the patterns in the triangles (image above) are the results of using Veerle’s geometric pattern How – To’s. They won’t make me millions or even a dollar, but I can at least make some snazzy blog wallpaper if I ever need some.

Sewing Daisies - Playing with Shapes

If you follow Veerle’s ‘Creating geometric patterns in Illustrator’ , you too can have a tonne of fun.

No really you can.

Be warned though, they are incredibly addictive. Just go on Pinterest, they’re everywhere!

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