Sewing Daisies #365CREATE Finals Cup

I did it. I actually did it.

What exactly did I do?  I completed my project #365CREATE!  And yes, as you correctly surmised from my cunning project title that meant –  I got creative EVERY day for a year.

Before you run off to look at my Instagram account (my home for the past 12 months) expecting to see 365 creative master pieces – there aren’t any. There’s a few gems, but no master pieces.

That wasn’t the point of the project. #365CREATE was simply about proving (to myself) that I have it in me to be creative. So for a year I messed around with the usual arty materials to come up with little daily projects AND I dabbled in the not so usual arty stuff.

e.g. I created a scene out of the film King Kong from the junk in my car, made a floral type arrangement from gutter debris, and turned my office stapler into a whale.



Was it fun? Yes it was!!!

I discovered I like birds. Doodling them is also fun. I found out that I LOVE carving stamps (from my doodles), and printing is better than sliced bread.

If you have ever wondered if you are ‘creative’ or believe you lack discipline, I highly recommend giving a year long project a go.

Your projects don’t have to be in depth or long. Some of my favourite daily projects came from limiting myself to 5 minute per day. In fact, I found the more I restricted my time & materials the better.

There’s nothing like a bit of pressure to get those creative juices flowing!


2014-12-25 11.15.52


Anyway, I have had the BEST creative year, but it’s time to move on; It’s time to expand on the skills I picked up during project #365CREATE.

There are a few more birds to doodle, some stamps I wish to carve and a whole bunch of gift cards that need hand printing.

And, of course there’s the whole Surface Pattern Design thing I have decided to poke my nose into. 2015 is going to another busy year!

However, before all of that I need to cut the cords on #365CREATE.

Sewing Daisies #365CREATE

To finalise my year long experience I am handing project #365CREATE over to an amazing artist I met along the way (you have got to love Instagram), namely, the lovely Alice Sheridan.

My paintings and prints all start from our landscape and environment. A series of sketchbook re-drawing often leads to new compositions and layers of overlapping. Loose linear trails define the landscape as the gestural marks become part of the story. Painting allows a pure enjoyment of colour and printmaking allows a wonderful opportunity to explore new ways of making marks.

If you haven’t already come across Alice Sheridan, she paints the most amazing landscapes, regularly holds art exhibitions, and is incredibly supportive of budding creative types. Alice is an artistic force to be reckoned with.

Honestly, I don’t know where she gets all of her energy from; I mean, she even offers tips on how to build your own practice via her blog. Now how cool is that?!

Anyway, Alice has decided to pick up the mantle and give the year long thing a crack.

As we say ‘down under’,

“Good on ya!”


Sewing Daisies - #365CREATE


So where can you find Alice Sheridan? You could try her web-home

Or you can hang out with Alice on instagram @alicesheridonstudio

Either place will supply you with no end of inspiration over the next 12 months.

Go be inspired! I dare you.

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  1. Thanks Heidi! What an amazing introduction. Not so long ago I was working away on my own with just the radio for company. The internet is a wonderful thing… for meeting inspiring new people and for sharing our achievements alongside the not-so-successful days. And we all have some of those.
    I hope that my year will be exciting and challenging. It’s sure to be different from yours, as we all are, but I’m looking forward to getting stuck in and welcome to anyone who’d like to follow along. x

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