#PatternPlay - Bear Spray


Oh, Canada you really are pretty, but where were the bears?!

After memorising the differences between a black and a grizzly bear, what to do with a defensive or a predatory bear, and how to use a bear spray; I think you could have offered up a bruin or two.

Yes, I know spring has only just kicked in and most bears are still happily snoozing away, but rumours had it in Canmore (Alberta), that Bear 122 ‘The Boss’  was up and looking to party.

And boy, does this grizzly like to party!




Truth be told, after reading up on Bear 122’s antics the other day, I was pretty chuffed not to have come across him.

This bear hunted down and ate a black bear in 2013!

Somehow I don’t think standing my ground; identifying myself as a human by speaking in a calm voice would have had any impact on him. He hunted down a black bear and ate it!

Anyway, I created my ‘Bear Spray’ Bear before I left for Canada in the hope he would lessen my fear. He didn’t, hasn’t, and probably never will, but I love him nonetheless.

Expect to see more from Bear!

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