Sewing Daisies - Happy Easter Gum Leaves


That was a close one! For the second year in a row I almost forgot about Easter.

Last year I blamed the lack of visual clues (we don’t have many shops in Jindabyne, NSW). This year, I am blaming spring skiing in Canada. It’s hard to imagine Spring and Easter when you are making snow angels.

No, really it is.

Unfortunately, I did not pick up on the Easter vibe fast enough to make craft something. So I here’s some Gum leafed patterned eggs I designed in Illustrator.


Sewing Daisies - Gum Leaf patterned eggs


They’re not so bad, right?

The ‘Gum Leaves’ are actually a digital version of some gum leaf drawings I drew last year and carved into rubber stamps.

Expect to see more of them!

Have a wonderful holiday, and see you next week (a few chocolate eggs heavier).


Sewing Daisies' sign off