Draw.Stamp.Print. - Reed & Grebe


Draw.Stamp.Print. is back as a blog feature on Sewing Daisies!

It’s very exciting.

Or at least it will be when I remember how my ‘real’ camera works, when the right time of day to take gorgeous photos is, and how to pimp them up in Photoshop.

Until then, you will have to make do with my discoloured, slightly fuzzy photos.

(time off from blogging has a few downsides)


Sewing Daisies - #365CREATE


Draw.Stamp.Print. Feature Reminder – For those of you new to Sewing Daisies this blog feature is about how I drew something (flower, bird, weird squiggly things etc), carved it into a stamp, and then printed all over some paper or fabric with it.

(I am hoping to produce my own stationery collection, or something)

Some of the blog posts will be smugly jubilant, others not so much. It all comes down to how many coffees I have had during the carving part, and luck.

Mainly luck, thanks to my inexperience.


Draw.Stamp.Print. - Reed & Grebe


As you have probably worked out by looking at my photos, ‘Reed & Grebe’ are my latest stamps. They originate from my project #365CREATE drawing –  Horned Grebe and I am pleased as punch with them.

I am especially happy (smug) about my Grebe stamp because a) I didn’t think my drawing would turn out so visually pleasing, and b) that I would be able to carve all those nicks deep enough to produce a clean print.

Add the fact I managed to work out how to carve a background piece that my Grebe can slot into making it possible for me to painlessly use two different coloured inks in my work, without them overlapping…and you have one smugly jubilant blog post.

All I need to do now is decide how else to make ‘Reed & Grebe’ work for me.

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Materials used:

  • Ezy Carve Printing Block
  • Versafine ink pads in Spanish Moss & Smokey Gray
  • Speedball Carve Tool