Weekly Wrap up - Pretending to be Matisse


Make it in Design summer school started last Monday and after only a week, I am exhausted (in a good way).

What’s Make It in Design Summer School?

In a nutshell, 4 weeks of surface pattern design fun. During the course we get given design briefs and fun challenges (with deadlines) to complete, along with access to a group forum to hang out and share ideas with other pattern junkies.

So far, fantastic!

I have created mood boards (so much fun), discovered that I need to pay as much attention to the text in a design brief as I do to the pretty pictures (is word blindness a thing?), and pretended to be Henri Matisse for an afternoon.

Creating a ‘simplified’ floral pattern wasn’t the design brief exactly, but it was one of the avenues I went down.

Using one of Matisse paper cut technique, I scissored flower and leaf shapes from card, loosely created a design and uploaded it into Adobe Illustrator to magic up the above pattern.

I also made an ’80’s Candy Crush pattern, and another 80’s themed one called ‘Miami Vice Pineapple Slice’, but my favourite is my Faux Matisse. It will be heading to Spoonflower after summer school is over.

Keep an eye out for it!

Sewing Daisies - Sign off