Weekly Wrap Up - Pomme de Pins

Pomme de Pins….a little idea I am currently playing with thanks to local Galahs leaving me some Jindabyne treasure the other morning.

Pink & Grey, you gotta love the ’80s parrot!

So what did they leave me? A bunch of pine kernels. I know, not what you usually associate with treasure, but these kernels were fresh, soft and have amazing detail.

Perfect of some early morning drawing.


Pomme de Pins in progress


As you can see I went with my usual ‘wing it’ style of drawing.

It was after about 4 of these scribbles that I realised that it might be fun to make a stamp or three. After an initial fail (it happens), I got my three stamps and had a little play.

No doubt you will see something different to me, but I see flowers.


Pomme de Pins - stamps


All that remains is for me to develop my little idea in Illustrator so I can (hopefully) screen print my Pomme de Pins.

I need some new cushion covers.

Vi ses!

Sewing Daisies - Sign off