Weekly Wrap Up: ISCD



So I missed a Weekly Wrap Up (possibly two), but I have an excuse and it’s a great one…

I bit the bullet and and signed up to do a Cert. iv in Design with ISCD (International School of Colour + Design).

Great excuse or what?!

I am very excited as I have been eyeing up this course for a few years now, and thanks to my #365CREATE project I finally feel I have enough of a creative eye to be able to handle some of the assignments.


ISCD homework: Greens


For the past two weeks I have been busy reorganising my workspace, materials and work schedule, as well as delving into the first few exercises i.e. creating secondary colour ranges using gouache paints.

Greens, oranges and purples…

Colour mixing is so much fun (and fascinating) and the fact that ISCD places strong emphasis on learning how to mix colours is the main reason I signed up. If I wish to pursue my interest in Surface Design and printmaking, I really need to understand how colours are made and work together.


ISCd Homework: Oranges


Other than messing about with gouache, there’s been some skiing…okay, a lot of skiing. The Australian ski season is fairly short so when the snow arrives you have to make the most of it.

Expect to see more colour related stuff, some weird scribblings and one or two rubber stamps.

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