Weekly Wrap -Boids!


Them Boids are killing me!

My intention for this Wrap Up post was to explain my sudden passion for Abstract Art, but then I realised I have no idea what’s driving it so you’re getting this instead.

A bunch of Boids!….an annoying lot they proved.

My idea is to screen print these guys on tea towels, but as I don’t currently have an exposure box, or a screen for that matter I decided to carve a small stamp for greeting cards.

That part went well.

The actual inking (fun) bit didn’t. I know I don’t spend as much time as I should practising that side of my projects, but it really shouldn’t be this hard! Too much ink, not enough ink, too much pressure, not enough, forgot the first layer…Boids!

I am off to canberra later this month to re-introduce myself to screen printing. With any luck they will behave themselves there.

Fingers crossed!

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