Weekly-Wrap: Gelli Prints


Weekly (that’s a joke) Wrap Up Gelli Prints:

I admit defeat.

My Weekly Wrap blog post idea simply isn’t happening. I think I am writing them on a weekly basis, but looking at their post dates…that clearly isn’t the case!

Is time flying by faster?

Physicists, or whoever thinks a lot about time no doubt will tell me it isn’t, but it really feels like it. Each week is the same. I go to bed Monday evening and wake up on Friday morning. If it wasn’t for my visual diary (Instagram), I would still be thinking it’s February 23rd 2015 (it was a Monday before you go checking).

So the white flag is going up.

And, the Weekly Wrap Up will now be replaced with ‘What the?!!!! How is it (insert month) already?!’. i.e. the Weekly Wrap will turn up whenever…with the same title. Why complicate things?


Just Strawberries - Sewing Daisies


Here’s a quick round up of the past few weeks:

  • revamped my acorn pattern (view on Spoonflower)
  • went to Megalo Print Studio‘s to do a screen printing on fabric workshop (2 days)
  • slipped a disc and spent a week reading about Colour theory, greyscale and tones for my ISCD course
  • went back to Megalo Print Studio two weeks later to do screen printing on paper (2 days)
  • used my Gelli plate to help understand colour theory and play with geometric shapes
  • drew a little, carved a few little teeny tiny beach hut (rubber stamps)
  • cleaned my office/studio
  • did some more ISCD homework
  • thought about some stuff
  • checked out Cooma’s (rubber) Duck Race
  • did some normal work (Jindy Guide)
  • thought some more about stuff
  • lost time

same old.


The next few weeks will probably run like this:

  • more ISCD home work (I am doing a Cert IV in Colour & Design)
  • exploring colour theory using gouache
  • getting my head around the elements and principles of design
  • cutting up some calico (for printing on)
  • draw (hopefully, I been feeling blocked lately)
  • make little rubber stamps
  • Jindy Guide work
  • do some block & screen printing (as soon as I stop procrastinating)
  • think about blog writing/sewing/knitting/exercise
  • pretend Christmas isn’t around the corner
  • wake up and discover on Friday morning (23rd October) that it’s the 20th November.
  • complain bitterly about time whizzing by.


Until then, have fun!


Sewing Daisies - Sign off