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Happy 2016!

I thought I would quickly introduce my new ‘Long Haul’ project, the aptly named #Print52.

My hope is to print something (probably a tea towel) every week of 2016. Why? Well, I discovered during 2015 that a) if I don’t have a long haul creative project I flounder…badly, and b) I really want to be a printmaker and surface designer. So each week I plan on doing some form of printing using one of my own 2015 illustrations/patterns or perhaps something brand new from 2016.

Knowing how rubbish I have been at the whole blogging thing lately (last two years) and to help me stay on track, I will be throwing up on Sewing Daisies a summary post (as above). You may be lucky enough to get a proper blog post once in a while, if I come across something weird or wonderful to share.

Today happens to be your lucky day.


#Print52 by Sewing Daisies


I made a lamp shade! That’s right, not only did I print my own fabric, I also made my first lamp shade (I smoasted about it on instagram). It wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be. In fact, it was fun. I’m actually thinking of making another!

If you have always fancied lamp shade making (who hasn’t?!), my lamp shade kit came from the lovely Anna Trigg over at 3Chookshttp://www.3chooks.com.au who not only sells kits and lamp shade making supplies, she also holds workshops in Sydney and Melbourne. She’s got you covered.

Seriously, go visit 3Chooks…it’s very cool.




But before you do that let’s quickly get back to Week: 1 of #Print52. Given it was my first week of home exposure and printing, it didn’t go badly.

The print itself is a 5 minute Sharpie Marker job on some office OHP (acetate) I found at the back of my craft cupboard. I wasn’t sure if it would take as it was the ink wasn’t opaque. As it so happens it did, but the screen was either under exposed, over exposed, perhaps not fully dry or something else, because when I washed the screen extra photo emulsion came off. Luckily, it created a really nice grungy bleed effect, but it’s perhaps not something I want to happen on each of my #Print52 projects. So I am going to have to play a little each week with my exposure time and if that doesn’t work, perhaps look at drying times and how thick I am putting on my emulsion.

Printing wise, it all went pretty well. I managed to do a small 3 piece repeat and print on 3 pieces of fabric (calico). After seeing how great my lampshade looks I am tempted to print more fabric in different colours before I go strip the screen (remove photo emulsion).

In the meantime I have to find another print for next week and prep another screen.


Sewing Daisies - sign off

ah yes, I forgot to mention that I now have a homemade exposure unit (a lamp fixed over the freezer) so I can use photo emulsion to burn my prints onto my screens. Exciting, yes?!


I got a fantastic starter screen printing kit from Leapfrog Inkspot http://www.leapfroginkspot.au (Brookvale, NSW). They have everything you could possibly need including Permaset Inks and are super helpful. They will happy answer any questions screen printing related questions.

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  1. Love it Heidi! I did some screen printing at college many years ago and did enjoy it. I made some curtains with one image based on water and a skirt with a Gladioli print! I shall watch your projects with interest! Go for it!!

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