#PRINT52 Week 4 by Sewing Daisies


#Print52 Week 4: Marching Ink Splatters

Working off the back of what I learned in the past 3 weeks, I tackled things a little differently for this week’s #Print52 project.


#Print52 week 4 by Sewing Daisies


Exposure Time & Wash Out

As you may recall from last week I narrowed down my exposure issues (emulsion washing/ peeling off in places it shouldn’t) to either the ink on my laser paper not being opaque enough and therefore letting too much light through, or there being a problem with my exposure time. After looking through my notes I decided the problem was probably more to do with the ink than exposure time since all my printer is inkjet and the paper I got with my screen is for a laser printer…

To work around this, I taped two pieces of printed artwork together using the some newly purchased artists tracing paper which the guy from Officeworks said would work…on a laser printer.

I also dropped the exposure time from 9 to 7 minutes.


#Print52 week 4 by Sewing Daisies


It worked!  Opaque black ink + emulsion + 7 minutes = a motif that washes out cleanly without elbow grease or the super jet spray thing I have.

Of course, because I changed both the time and the ink quality I still don’t know for certain if my exposure issue relates to exposure time, or ink quality. I think the only way to know for sure is to use a single sheet of ink as I did in weeks 1-3 for next week’s #Print52, and only mess with the exposure time.

My prediction is that the screen won’t wash out as well resulting in a patchy print and a whole heap of frustration.


#Print52 week 4 by Sewing Daisies


Registration & Printing

This worked too!!

Not once did I have to fudge it.

My measurements and frame markers were bang on resulting in uninterrupted flow of printing. I know! I can’t believe it either. I printed 49 tiny overlapping prints without a hitch…that’s never going to happen again.

Fingers crossed it will!


#Print52 week 4 by Sewing Daisies


So what have a I learned from this week’s #Print52?

  1. taking risks is good
  2. calculating your registration measurements in Illustrator works (for me)
  3. I need to improve my ruler skills (I managed to draw a curved line with a metal ruler)
  4. artwork needs to be very black
  5. I need to curb my inner Swedish Chef (I got ink on my phone, as well as all over my desk, chair and myself)
  6. and as much as I enjoy winging things, printing is much easier if you are prepared.


#Print52 week 4 by Sewing Daisies#Print52 week 4 by Sewing Daisies


Okay, another week down. Next week 7 minutes exposure time, patchy ink on tracing paper and some more ink splatters.

Have a great week!
Sewing Daisies - sign off

re: Artwork

My ink splatters are the outcome of some good old fashioned mark making with various pens.