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#Print52 Week 2: Dip Pen Squares


I can’t think of a witty introduction so I am just going to dive in. Screen Printing is exhausting! I am not naive, I know #print52 week 1 was a fluke, but still…

Here’s a few of the issues I ran into and what I did to combat them (if anything);

Exposure Time: 

Attempt 1. set at 3mins (based on last weeks attempt) resulted in the top 1/3 of the emulsion coming clean off with the first spray of my new pressure hose unit thingy.

solution: continued blasting off the emulsion, and adjusted the nozzle to softer spray setting.

Attempt 2. after some internet research I cranked up the exposure time to 9 mins (yes, that is quite a jump). Most of the bits of emulsion that were supposed to come off did and cleanly, but there were a few that didn’t, and one tiny area that got overly enthusiastic.

solution: ignored the issues and claimed it a success.


#print52 by Sewing Daisies



Because I didn’t register my artwork onto the screen before exposing, I had to try and make something up on my fabric. Using my exposed screen as a guide and some bits of washi tape, I guesstimated where to place my screen to create a single lines of 5 repeats and a larger 4×4 line repeat.

Although my single lines weren’t as snug as planned they turned out okay, but I totally cocked up my larger piece.

Note to self: if you go to the effort of drawing a registration chart (rough as it might be), read it before printing. Oh, and make sure you use the correct registration markers on your screen, that way you won’t get a third way in before you realise your screen is the wrong way up.

solution: come up with new uses for badly registered prints.

Second Note to Self: Iron your fabric and do your registration maths/markers/drawings the day before printing. You’re quite clearly rubbish at it, and need extra time. 


#print52 by Sewing Daisies


Printing (the fun bit):

A. Got ink all over the place (again) before even hitting the fabric.

solution: swapped spatula for spoon to be able to place my ink neatly onto screen. Yes, you’d think I am old enough to be able to handle a spatula…

B. Spotted some of my prints had extra thick ink on them.

solution:  decided I had over flooded my screen, so washed and dried it to start over. I added less ink and made sure I only flooded my screen once (bottom to top) before moving on. It worked.

C. Forgot to flood my screen causing it to dry out and creating a patchy print. In my defence, this was when I realised that I had ruined my nicely planned out larger repeat and was desperately moving markers around hoping to cover up my error.

solution: called it a day, washed my screen and ate biscuits.


#print52 by Sewing Daisies


There were other issues, but I think you get the gist… I need get organised, switch on, and keep practising!


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Just another 50 print projects to go….

re: Artwork

The squares were drawn using India Ink and a dip pen.

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