#Print52 Week6: Gum Flower by Sewing Daisies


#Print52 Week 6: Gum Flower

Another week, another screen print, but in Lilac! Not a colour I would normally go for, but I woke up wanting something purple-ish.

It’s actually quite pretty.

You wouldn’t know this because I am using my iPhone to capture my #Print52 activities (the exposure is a little hit & miss) and my work room is a lovely combination of dark brown and beige…

So you will have to trust me when I say, it’s quite a pretty colour.

Note to Self: find new photo app; one that brightens and dumps yellow brown under tones.


#Print52 Week6: Gum Flower by Sewing Daisies


Exposure Time & Wash Out

I am going to claim this week’s exposure and wash-out as a risky win.

Yes, the artwork (which I doubled) and exposed for 7 minutes washed out well, but the edges were still not as pristine as hoped for. Furthermore, a snippet of the artwork’s edge exposed as well.

I am guessing that in my bid to blacken the artworks ink the papers edge is casting a shadow dark enough to expose, or my exposure time now needs adjusting…again.

But, I am claiming it a win so let’s move on.


#Print52 Week6: Gum Flower by Sewing Daisies

#Print52 Week6: Gum Flower by Sewing Daisies


Registration & Printing

This went better than expected.

My registration marks on my fabric and screen matched (before printing), I taped the worst of the extra unwanted edges, I remembered to double check my notes before starting out AND I found my screen printing ‘groove’.

That’s right, I now have a ‘groove’. And, it’s a fairly chilled out one at that.

It turns out that there is actually quite a bit of time available between each screen ‘pull’. Certainly enough time for me to rearrange the ink on my screen to where I need it (I am now 2x spatula proficient), clean the edges and my fingers, face and wall.

Add to that, I have also discovered that I don’t need to flood my screen at the end of each segment. In fact when I do, I end up in all kinds of inky mess. No, I only need to flood my screen every 2-3 segments and when I need to put my screen down during hair dryer time.

(I use a hairdryer to quickly dry the edges of segments before laying down my next overlapping segment).

Of course, it wasn’t all plain sailing. Unknown to me (I have never had groove before) Grooviness has sidekicks; complacency and cockiness. I am not sure which sidekick turned up on row 3, but I wish it hadn’t. It wreaked havoc all along it.



#Print52 Week6: Gum Flower by Sewing Daisies


What did I learn?

  • Screen prep, exposure and wash out need even more work
  • I have a ‘groove’, but it has mischievous friends
  • Lilac is actually quite pretty!
  • There’s still another 46 #Print52 projects to go

See you next week!


Sewing Daisies Sign Off


Re: Artwork

This gum flower is part of one of my 2014 Ezy Carve stamps.

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