#PRINT52 wk7: Ink Grid


#Print52 Week 7: Ink Grid

Project 7 is done and dusted… and with relatively little fuss. Marking up your work the day before and laying out equipment properly before hand, really does make things go smoother.


#Print52 Week 7: Ink Grid


Exposure & Wash Out

Exposure: 7 minutes with artwork doubled up on the screen (to darken the ink).

Full disclosure – Ink Grid was actually exposed on the same screen as last week’s Gum Flower. The main reason for this other than saving time, was that I really wanted to see how easy (or not) it was to use half a large screen.

It sounds stupid I know, but I thought it might potentially offer up a whole new bunch of problems for me to work around (I do love a challenge). So as with the Gum Flower, the screen exposed and washed out (power jet) fairly well, but with extra bit along where the artwork paper’s edge lay and some random patchy bits.

Nothing too serious, and easily taped up.


#Print52 Week 7: Ink Grid


The matter of having another exposed print next to it and how to cover it up took a little more thought.

“How much of the other half of the screen do I tape up? Will I ruin that other print by taping it up? Why didn’t I align them both up? Why is the dog barking?”  I asked myself.

After checking on the dog (who was barking at a big mean old…butterfly), I settled on taping beyond where my squeegee would pull… by 3 inches. I probably didn’t need to tape up so much of my screen, but if I am able to get ink on my walls by merely looking at my screen, I would prefer to be safe than sorry.

So pretty much the whole screen bar 4 inches at the end got taped up.


#Print52 Wk7: Ink Grid10


Registration & Printing

“Shake your groove thing, shake your groove thing, yeah, yeah”

Other than a minor lapse in concentration on one segment (I double printed on row 3), this went REALLY well.

My calculations and markers were correct enough not to have any weird channels of misalignment, not that you would really notice with this print. My ‘groove’ kicked in straight away making this the first #Print52 project not to make my teeth hurt (I grind when I get stressed). And, the little pot of water & wash cloth I put next to my screen docking station* kept my fingers nice and clean throughout.

This was a VERY enjoyable printing session!

* My docking station is simply two up side down plastic pots I rest my screen on between print segments, and when I blow dry my fabric..


#Print52 Week 7: Ink Grid


What did I learn?

  • It only take a second of lapsed concentration to mess up a print
  • Strategically placed pots of water reduces unwanted smudges and smears
  • The dog is losing the plot
  • I really enjoy printing
  • Having two prints on 1 screen is not problematic if taped properly


Just another 45  #Print52 projects to go.



Sewing Daisies Sign Off


Re: Artwork

This pattern was simply made up of some ink splatters I made using my dip pen and India ink.