#Print52: Project 9 - Pink Blocks


#Print52 Project 9 – Pink Blocks

This week’s project was a bit of a mixed bag. Not only did I have to contend with the usual suspects, I threw in a few curve balls of my own. With any luck they’ll make me a better printer.

Fingers crossed.


#Print52: Project 9 - Pink Blocks


Exposure & Wash Out

I used a new screen for this week’s project. Judging by the looks of it, it’s probably made by the company that produced my second largest screen (not my Leapfrog Inkspot screen). Although they’re all 43T (thread count), my new screens behave nothing like my Leapfrog.

It’s puzzling.

For whatever reason, the emulsion coats thickly on surface and doesn’t sink in as quickly on these screens. And, they’re also not fussed about my 7 minutes exposure time. I understand that times will vary according to screen frame size, but there is very little size wise. Anyway, having already discovered this little discrepancy, I upped the exposure time to 8 minutes.


#Print52: Project 9 - Pink Blocks


That extra minute made a difference!

Okay, the motif edges were still fuzzy, some of the artwork edging exposed, and I lost some detail (it didn’t like the pressure jet), but it could have been a lot worse. I could have lost it all.

Interestingly, I read online that my coating/exposure issue could be caused by grease or dust on the screen. It makes sense so I have made a note to investigate further and possibly invest in some screen print degreaser. Although a lot of screen printers on one forum seem to think you can get away with a product called Simple Green.

I wonder if Mitre10 sells it?


#Print52: Project 9 - Pink Blocks


Registration & Printing

This could have gone a lot better.

It took two printing session to get this pattern to work. Why? Because I forgot to double check my measurements before putting them on the fabric. After print set 3 I begrudgingly accepted there was something wrong.

It took me forever to work out why my fabric measurements (which matched my written numbers) didn’t tally up with my artwork size. Turns out…

I had accidentally changed the ruler settings in Illustrator to inches. I measured up in cm.

Well smart, me.


#Print52: Project 9 - Pink Blocks


Anyway, the second of marking up went much better. And, so did the printing and my new ‘Row 3 Brain Blip Buster’ (Row1, Row 3, Row 2 print system). I also discovered that I am not great at ‘pushing up’ my ink. For whatever reason I simply cannot apply even pressure on the squeegee back up the screen as I do down. Not a ground breaking discovery, but good to know nonetheless.

What I learned:

  • All screens are not created equal
  • Magenta is okay
  • Illustrator hates me
  • I love printing (even the painful bits)



Only another 43 #print52 projects to go!

Have a great weekend,

Sewing Daisies signoff

Artwork: Used one of my ezy carve stamp to create this pattern. The original paper version has small coloured inserts, but I decided to keep it simple.