#PRINT52 wk8: Square Flower


#Print52 Week8: Square Flower

And, we have a winner!

Ignoring yet another lapse in concentration on row 3, this is by far the best printing effort so far.


Again, apologies for the dodgy photos…I promise to experiment with some new apps this weekend.


#Print52 Wk8 Square Flower


Exposure & Wash Out

This went better than expected. Why? Because I totally screwed up the coating process (it went on thick like double cream).

I definitely stirred my emulsion (Ulano QX1), I removed the rubber bands from my squeegee and turned my trough (scoop) the correct way around for coating, but for some reason it oozed on thickly and unevenly. There was even some dribbling.

I tried to clean up my mess as best as I could, but as I put it into my drying cupboard I knew I had failed miserably. But, somehow it managed to hold itself together and exposed well enough (7 minutes) to produce a half decent print.

To wash it out I only had to use the normal shower head, and as I didn’t use tape to hold down my artwork it didn’t have weird little extra exposed bits.

No taping over random exposed bits required!


#Print52 Wk8 Square Flower


Registration & Printing:

With neatly (ish) laid down registration markers (I am finally getting the hang of rulers), my ‘groove’ fully switched on and armed with a delightful *smoky blue ink I successfully printed the first two rows. It looked great even the little section where the screen held some ink back and dumped it with a fresh layer.

Then I hit Row 3.

I don’t know why  when I hit Row 3 I have a lapse in concentration, but I do.  It’s frustrating. I really like my little Square Flowers and fancy printing up enough fabric to make curtains, but that can’t happen if I can’t master Row 3.

Perhaps I should go straight to Row 3 after printing Row 1?  It’s what I do on the columns. I guess the only way to know is to try it.

*I used my Pantone Plus Series colour book to mix this one up. I am not sure if all Pantone books tell you the mixing formulas, but this one does. It’s very handy!


#Print52 Wk8 Square Flower


What have I learned?

  • No amount of grooviness, ’60’s music, or neatly placed markers will stop Row 3 from breaking loose
  • I like smoky blue
  • My Square Flowers pattern is a keeper
  • I want new curtains

#Print52 Countdown – 44 to go!

To be continued…


Sewing Daisies Sign Off


Re: Artwork

This screen print pattern was made from another of my 2014 Ezy Carve stamps.

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