#PRINT5: Project 12 - Ezy Carve Aztec


#Print52: Project 12 – Ezy Carve Aztec

My 12th project is done and dusted. It doesn’t sound a lot, but I feel I have learned loads already. And although the road to ‘professionalism’ is going to be long and bumpy, I think I can do it.

I just need to iron out some registration issues.


Project 12 - Ezy carve Aztec_6


Exposure & Wash Out

  • Screen: NON – Leapfrog Inkspot
  • Artwork : 2 on 1x screen
  • Coating: not a bad effort
  • Exposure time: 9 mins

After reviewing my notes (yes, I am actually keeping some), I decided to expose two artworks together on one of my NON – Leapfrog Inkspot screens again. AND, to make things even more interesting (and hopefully find the correct exposure time for this screen) I upped the exposure time to 9 minutes.

Exciting, yes?

Well, making things interesting might have actually paid off because unlike previous wash out’s, this was quick, easy and painless. The motif edges might not have been as crisp as I wanted, but at least everything stayed intact. No repair work or extra taping!

It deserved a woot & fist pump. I obliged.


2016-02-29 22.33.32


Registration & Printing

Measuring & Marking up should actually be a really simple process as I calculate everything in Illustrator, but yet again I totally screwed it up. Fed up, I made the husband oversee my ‘process’ to see if he could shed any light.

He was amused. VERY amused.

‘Your process is sound…in theory’ he laughed, ‘but your deliverance is shocking.’

I won’t bother going into ALL of the issues he found, but after he tried to measure up 1 meter of calico he downsized the list to:

  • not taping the fabric down when mark making
  • moving my ruler about too much
  • not ‘squaring up’ my corners (?)
  • my ‘Wing it & See’ attitude
  • and having a too thin a table (he was weirdly focused on this one)

Anyway, he ‘improved’ my process and let me get on with it.


#Print52: Project 12 - Aztec_1


My corners may have been squarer, but it was still very wrong. Really, really wrong. I had to abandon my registration marks and free wheel it. To be fair though, the two print sets that overlapped correctly was very good, so there’s hope yet.

What I have learned;

  • You really can’t ‘Wing it & See’ with printing
  • You can have too many rulers
  • My husband really likes to measure things, not just once, but twice or more
  • ‘Squaring up’ corners is important

So another #print52 project done…40 more to go!

Sewing Daisies

re: Artwork – it’s a pattern I created using Ezy Carve off cuts.