#Print52: Project 9 - Sunny Sami-01


#Print52: Project 10 – Sunny Sami

Another project down, and I am liking this one. I am thinking table runner, napkins, curtains….

It’s a keeper!


#Print52: Project 10 - Sunny Sami


Exposure & Wash Out

8 minute exposure time, dodgy emulsion coat (had to fill in two air bubbles and correct some dribbling).

For this #Print52 project I used the larger of my Non – Leapfrog Inkspot screens and printed two pieces of artwork on it: Sunny Sami and my Smiley Whales (you’ll have to wait until next week to see them).

Why print two projects on one screen?

A) to save time and B) to find new curve balls.

I wasn’t disappointed.

Using my shower head (not the pressure jet), I discovered that although my whales were the first to start washing out, overall they took longer than Sunny Sami. This could be down to different stroke weight across the artworks or my exposure light not distributing light evenly.

Anyway, parts of Sunny Sami and the Whales didn’t wash out.


#Print52: Project 10 - Sunny Sami


Registration & Printing

Ignoring yet more marking issues and my inability to draw straight lines, this went REALLY well. The Sunny Sami motif might be simple, but collectively they jazz the place up.

After the Magenta Madness of the Project 9 – Pink Blocks, I opted for something safe and quiet; brown (ink).

It turned out to be very transparent. After a little experimenting I settled on 3 pulls per print set. It sounds a lot, but I didn’t notice any difference in print or drying time. Besides, the result was worth it…metallic beige.

Finally a beige I can work with!


#Print52: Project 10 - Sunny Sami


What I learned;

  • Stroke weight might be important
  • Illustrator still hates me
  • Beige can be nice
  • Simple is good


42 #Print52 projects to go!


Sewing Daisies signoff


Artwork: Sunny Sami was inspired by Sami Shamanism.

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  1. I love this one. I think I like your delicate ones the best. Definite for place mats and runners. Would love to make a bag from this. Satchel style with flat beige piping/buckle.

    • Thanks Alison. I like this one too, as it’s made the final list it I will be trying it out again on different (read: better quality) fabrics. xh

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