#Print52:Project 11 - Smiley Whales


#Print52 Project 11 – Smiley Whales

Happy smiley whales!

And to think I was going relegate my whale to the bin. Thankfully someone on Instagram pointed out how happy my whale looked and it has now made it to print.

People on Instagram are the best! Inspiring, encouraging and full of really good advice.

Want to learn more about painting and printing, go check out @alicesheridanstudio (she rocks!).


P#Print52: Project 11 - Smiley Whales


Exposure & Wash Out

As I exposed this project on the same screen as Project 9 – Sunny Sami, the same info applies:

  • 8 minute exposure time
  • dodgy emulsion coat (had to fill in two air bubbles and correct some dribbling)
  • used the larger of my Non – Leapfrog Inkspot screens
  • used shower head, not the pressure jet for wash out
  • parts of finer detail did not wash out

But, still managed to get a half decent screen out of it making these Smiley Whales DOUBLE AWESOME!


#Print52: Project 11 - Smiley Whales


Registration & Printing

Double Awesome doesn’t necessarily mean everything went smoothly.

Yes, the missing lower detail added a nice twist to my design, the fine lines washed out surprisingly crisp, and my registration marks were workable. But, the end result was less than…market worthy.

It was all patchy and weird.

Not what I signed up for.


#Print52: Project 11 - Smiley Whales


This is what went down;

  • loaded up screen with ink
  • printed
  • blinked, screen dry
  • printed on paper towel to get rid of dry ink
  • loaded up screen with ink
  • printed
  • blinked, screen dry

As you can see, unlike previous #Print52 project the ink on my screen was drying up faster. I actually had to flood my screen between set’s. I know it’s something I am supposed to do, but it’s a lot messier if I don’t.

To add to the weirdness, my ink didn’t lay down evenly on the fabric. It seemed to pool off in different directions, a lot like how ‘wet on wet’ water colour.

Weird, right?


Well, in true printing spirit (read: stubborn) I finished my piece of fabric and with a cup of coffee tried to work out what the patchy weird stuff was about.


#Print52: Project 11 - Smiley Whales


My conclusion…chemicals in the fabric.

Guess who didn’t pre wash her fabric, but used a spray bottle on it during ironing causing chemical dispersion? ….Moving swiftly on,


What I learned:

  • there’s far too many chemicals in cheap calico
  • don’t bin your drawings, even the dodgy ones
  • Smiley Whales are soo cute!
  • Instagram is the best
  • I still love screen printing…


41 #Print52 projects to go…

Have a great weekend!


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