#PRINT52: Project 13 - Winter Berry.1


#Print52: Project 13 – Winter Berries.1

A while back I read that using a single motif in a pattern could lead to a weirdly downward sloping design, bad eyesight and boredom. Or at the very least, no one buying your work.

So I was a little surprised to find that yet another one of my single motif patterns turned out well. It actually printed so well, it’s now my new favourite.



#Print52: Project 13 - Winter berry.1


Exposure & Wash Out

  • Screen: the smaller of my NON-Leapfrog ink spot screens
  • Artwork: just the one!
  • Exposure time: 9 minutes

Let’s get straight into it…

The exposure and wash out went well, no complaints here, but the same cannot be said for the coating process. Thanks to some sloppy scoop (trough) handling, I burned my screen with a small emulsion dribble on it…that happened to run right through the middle of one motif.

Now, I like little ‘homemade’ blemishes as much as the next person and had it been small and discreet I would have kept it, but it wasn’t. It was about 1 inch long and ran diagonally across one berry. So, out came the ear buds, and thanks of magic of water and beginner’s ignorance I rubbed most of it off.

Problem solved.


#Print52: Project 13 - Winter berry.5


Registration & Printing

Have I mentioned how much I like this motif? It looks really nice printed up.

Other than a little eyeballing over a section where one of my registration lines…erm…curved up (I know, I am working on it), it all went smoothly.

It was a great print session.

I love the simple bold motif, the red-orange ink pops, and I didn’t have to call in the husband for more lesson’s on ‘squaring up’ my corners (project 12).

oh wait, I forgot. There was a slight issue with my ink drying up on the screen between every other print set, but it was 32c outside and flooding my screen sorted that.

But, other that it’s a winner!


#Print52: Project 13 - Winter berry.2


To conclude, single motifs patterns may not be exciting, but sometimes they can be really nice. And, quite easy to screen print.

What I learned;

  • I should print in the morning on hot days
  • simple motif patterns are not dull
  • you can fix your screen post exposure
  • I prefer warm reds to cold ones

I think we’re down to 39 more #Print52 projects.


Sewing Daisies

re: artwork – For this motif I uploaded & Image Traced 1 x Ezy carve stamps (tree), added a circle and randomly keyboard mashing in Illustrator.