#Print52/Project 15 - Winter Berry 2


#Print52: Project 15 – Winter Berry.2

I am not sure what the rules of #Print52 are, or if there are actually any, but as this motif has  3 extra trees more than Winter Berry.1,  I am putting it out there. I have also imaginatively titled it – Winter Berry.2

So not to confuse anyone.


#Print52:Project 15 - Winter Berry 2_1


Exposure & Wash Out

No issues coating the screen with emulsion (Ulano).

My artwork & screen exposed well, and the wash out with my pressure jet was quick & easy. Okay, it didn’t wash out perfectly, but it washed out well enough that I only had to smush a little emulsion off one of the motif’s edge.

NO repair work or extra taping required.

Too easy.


#Print52/Project 15 - Winter Berry 2


Registration & Printing

This went suspiciously well too. Again, not perfect, but well enough to only warrant a little eyeballing where one of my registration lines strayed off.

I can’t say the same for the colour of my ink though; It’s a little too salmon for my taste.

The Winter Berry.2 motif is also not quite to my taste. I much prefer the bolder shape of version 1. This version feels a little too much like ’80’s Laura Ashley. Don’t get me wrong, I like Laura Ashley, but it’s not what I am going for. Of course, this floral ’80’s vibe could simply be down to the colour, rather than the motif.

Perhaps I should have gone with my secret favourite; smoky blue.


#Print52/Project 15 - Winter Berry 2


While we’re on the topic of the motif; Winter Berry.2 was created using the same method as Winter Berry.1: i.e. I uploaded & Image Traced 1 x Ezy carve stamps (tree) added a circle and randomly keyboard mashing in Illustrator.

You can’t beat happy accidents, they’re great! Until you want to recreate it. Then you’re screwed.

What I learned;

  • I love coral, but not salmon pink
  • Leapfrog Inkspot screen are the best
  • I need to watch more Skillshare Illustrator tutorials
  • Stamps make really good pattern motifs
  • I need to start drawing and carving again


#Print52 Count Down: 37? to go…

Until next week!

Sewing Daisies