#Print52:Project 16 - Abstract Gelli'


#Print52: Project 16 – Abstract Gelli’

I have been back in Australia close to a month now and have only managed to complete one #Print52 project.

It’s not a screen print, but a Gelli (mono) print.

I am not sure if I have ever blogged about my previous attempts at Gelli printing, but this is (I think) my third attempt and unlike the my previous ones, this one went really well. Not only did my primary print turn out to plan, so did a few other ‘spur of the moment’ prints.


To top things off, I even got some great by-products  (roller marks etc) that I plan to turn into digital textures.


#Print52:Project 16 - Abstract Gelli'


So what is a Gelli Print? 

A Gelli Print is simply a monoprint (a one-off printed piece of artwork) produced using a squishy reusable Gelli Plate.

The Gelli Plate itself comes in number of home friendly sizes and is incredibly easy to use making it popular with crafters and printers. With a squirt of water (& cloth) you are able to quickly load up your gelli plate with more ink for another print projects.


And why did I chose it over a screen print for #Print52: Project 16?


Because when done correctly, it’s faster than prepping and exposing a screen print.

Yep, I went down the easy route. After that I went for a head start!


#Print52:Project 16 - Abstract Gelli'


And what’s the ‘abstract’ part about? 

Ah, for my ISCD Cert IV in Design  course, I have to draw a number of semi-abstract and abstract designs based on a man made object e.g. a mini blender blade. The end goal is paint (gouache) your favourite design in ‘related’ and a ‘contrasting’ colour schemes.


Always keen to get head start and to try out new printing ideas, I decided to see if I could replicate my abstract design using my Gelli Plate.

Thanks to some carefully ordered stencils, I actually managed to pull this off first time.


#Print52:Project 16 - Abstract Gelli'


What I learned:

  • Having a plan is good
  • Cutting stencils before printing is good
  • Working out your colour scheme and paints is good
  • Pre cutting your paper (for printing on) is good
  • Having all your cleaning supplies set up and ready to go is good

Seriously, it makes working with a Gelli Plate so much easier. Try it!


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