Similarly themed mini projects.

#Print52 Week 8: Square Flower

  #Print52 Week8: Square Flower And, we have a winner! Ignoring yet another lapse in concentration on row 3, this is by far the best printing effort so far. Yay! Again, apologies for the dodgy photos…I promise to experiment with some new apps this weekend.     Exposure & Wash Out This went better than expected. […] Read more…

Weekly Wrap Up – Boids!

I know I don’t spend as much time as I should practising that side of my projects, but it really shouldn’t be this hard! Too much ink, not enough ink, too much pressure, not enough, forgot the first layer…Boids!
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Weekly Wrap – Pomme de Pins

Pink & Grey, you gotta love the ’80s parrot! So what did they leave me? A bunch of pine kernels. I know, not what you usually associate with treasure, but these kernels were fresh, soft and have amazing detail. Read more…

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