Similarly themed mini projects.

SEW Hip! Rail Fence Runner…..the prequel

SEW Hip! Rail Fence Runner (issue 9) is going to be my next 2010 SEW Hip! Challenge You might be wondering what makes a Rail Fence anything so special..well: a Rail Fence Quilt Block – is 3 or more strips of fabric sewn together to form a block which are then used to create wonderful […] Read more…

SEW Hip! Patience Corner Quilt…the prequel

The SEW Hip! Patience Quilt is my next SEW Hip! 2010 Challenge. I chose this quilt because up until now I have made VERY basic quilts. The Patience Quilt will (hopefully) take me closer to that traditional quilt look so often seen in Country Living magazine. I also picked this quilt pattern because it has […] Read more…

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